United Shipping is a network of independently owned and operated freight forwarders and customs brokers. This organization was formed in 1988 to offer importers and exporters the advantages of the multi-national corporations with the expertise that can be found only in a locally owned and operated business.

Prior to acceptance in United Shipping, prospective members undergo a rigorous selection process which includes extensive research of the company's financial stability, personal interviews and background checks. Only top companies with an established track record of customer service and commitment to quality are selected for membership in this organization. The true beneficiary, however, is the customer. Partners in United Shipping understand that their collective efforts make them stronger and able to offer better and more efficient services to their customers.

It serves as a platform in the event where we have shipments to different parts of the world as well as an alternative should we require external alternatives and information on foreign shipping matters or overseas custom clearances. Through the statistics, United Shipping is expanding day by day; recruiting new freight forwarders from different parts of the world, which marks the progression towards a wider network.

United Shipping partners offer the trading community instant worldwide communication through:

  • Competitive rates due to organization-wide negotiating and traffic volumes.
  • NVOCC services as an exclusive agent for United Shipping Lines.
  • Comprehensive range of transportation and trade services.
  • Highest level of personalized service possible.

Our affiliation, United Shipping Group currently holds 92 members located in over 45 countries and 6 continents with 37 offices in the United States, for exact details and locations of United Shipping members, please log onto: As Cargoworld is the only company in Singapore in the United Shipping Group, therefore our support back and forth worldwide is competent and comprehensive.

Apart from United Shipping Group, we have established partnerships with overseas agents worldwide through recommendations, market researches and appraisals throughout these years in the industry. Freight forwarding today is a very wide-ranging business therefore being able to provide competitive services and cost controlling are our main focus where we perceive as one of the pledge towards our customers and partners. To uphold our reputation, strength and forte, we carried out meticulous selections for overseas working partners to ensure both parties putting in utmost effort to deliver to customers and at the same time, maintaining the service level before and after every shipment.


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